Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday we made it to Molinaseca, on the last day of May, after a long day filled with climbing up and down steep mountains and many cases of knee pain. The morning started out like any other, a little on the cooler side, but beautiful. We met outside of the Albergue and began our journey into the clouds. We began the day knowing that this would be the toughest day in terms of steep inclines and declines.

The walk to La Cruz de Ferro, an early way point for peregrinos on their way to Santiago, went well and we felt strong and happy to finally see it in person. The tradition is to bring a stone with you and throw it at the base of the cross leaving behind something that you regret or wish to change. Ellen and I made it to la Cruz de Ferro with Dr. Gyug and threw our stones at the base and marveled at the view.

The next part of the day was rocky, in both senses of the word. The terrain changed to steep downhills lined with loose rocks. For Allison and I it was also a time for miracles. When Allison was walking she began to have knee pain and just when she thought she could not make it down any further a Dutch couple stopped and wrapped her knee and gave her pain medication. As I was walking my knee pain was intensified by the downhills and at one point as I was slowly decending, three older men from Bilbao came and asked me what was wrong. They put a cream on my knee and waited for me at the bottom of the hill, where they carried my backpack, allowing me to make it to the next town, Al Acebo.

The rest of the day went on much the same with the terrain changing slightly,the towns getting smaller and the temperature increasing. When we finally made it to Molinaseca I immediately saw la Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora de las Angustias on the right and I knew we were there. The town was much more beautiful in person than any photograph can capture. Later in the evening I gave my presentation by the river Miruelo as everyone soaked their feet. We shared our stories of the day and the people we met along the way.

Yesterday was truely a day of grace and miracles and it really shows that when you think you cannot take another step the camino always finds a way.

Buen Camino everyone!


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  1. how's everyone doing? any blisters yet? you must put up pictures!

    buen camino!

    (from fordham's inaugural camino trip of '07
    and vincent's cousin)